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Galaicha Wash

Galaicha is something that you value the most in your room. We know that you have invested a lot to have a  rug of your choice in your room. But had you ever thought it would ever need a wash. Clean and fresh looking Galaicha adds beauty in your room and  dirty rugs??? Oh, its embarrasing. Also, untidy and unwashed Galaicha with stains and food leftovers is a house of germs, bacteria, and fungus. And everyone never think of  washing Galaicha coz its a big challange to almost all of us because of its size, weight, and the time it takes to get dry. But now your problems are ours.

Just give us a call and get your things done in a perfectly professional way. We take almost 2 hours to wash a Galaicha of average size and it takes almost 3 to 12 hours to get ready to use.